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​About Us

OSG Youth Alliance is a Singapore-based social enterprise dedicated to the development of global-ready youths who are passionate about sustainable development and innovation.

Established in Singapore in 2017, OSG Youth Alliance is a social enterprise that nurtures a network of global-ready youths who are passionate about sustainable development and innovation. 

We achieve this by harnessing the support of the government, corporations and experienced professionals to build and grow a platform for young people to connect across geographical and cultural backgrounds with impactful and sustainable programs.

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The ASEAN-China-India Youth Leadership Summit is a dynamic platform that unites young Asian leaders from across the region for a vibrant and collaborative future.

Our Program

Our programmes

What do we have for you ?

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Talks &


Competitions &

Series of talks and networking sessions curated for youth to network with youth and professionals globally.  Through these session, we aim to enrich and develop the youth social network, acquire global mindsets, being resilient and stay on top of the latest trends in the various job markets, societies and communities.

With the new norm after Covid-19, OSG had specially supported the Corporate Project Attachment (CPA) to provide cross cultural immersion for our youth. We have two categories of VIPs, entrepreneurship learning program and professional learning program where students can get a step closer to real world professional skills, learning from entrepreneurs and top corporate mentors remotely without leaving your country. 

Our competitions and challenges provide a safe environment for the youth to come together with like-minded individuals to bring their creativity and innovation to life while gaining valuable advice from industry mentors.

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OSG proudly runs multiple annualized cross culture, cross countries, youth organized events.  In such events, we see highly talented youth coming forward to support and organize the event with our executive team where we encourage and empower them to learn, grow, and bond beyond borders. 


We believe in nurture socially responsible young global citizen.  We organized together with our youth volunteers to provide communities, educational support etc., related social projects to enable our “Giving Back”.

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Be part of our organizing committee to execute events that impact the global youth community

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Be our members to connect with our impact and receive exclusive benefits


Join our team to plan and create meaningful and sustainable programmes

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