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Corporate Project


Why Corporate Project Attachment?

In 2021, with the growth of a new norm on how businesses are conducted globally, it is no surprise that we need to innovate new ways of running Attachment or Internship Programmes. 

Corporate Project Attachment (CPA) allows you to experience working with any company in any part of the world without commuting out of your host country. Every attachment has tailored projects that allow you to meet specific career development and employability goals with the support of a dedicated team of trainers and mentors. Students get to boost their career readiness skills, enhance employability prospects, and prepare for the future of work.

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Effectively lower costs without having to travel for internship


Specially curated training by TOP Chinese MNCs professionals on attachment - related modules.

The benefits of Corporate 
Project Attachment


Engage in internship opportunities from any companies worldwide and all year-round from the comfort of your home


Receive conditional offer to internship attachment program with the host company


Prepare interns for a wide range of possible scenarios and outcomes when attaching remotely, gaining skills in flexibility and agility


Receive a certificate of completion by the host company upon successful completion of the attachment

How we support you ?


Cross Cultural Awareness Training to gain knowledge and information about China and its working culture under the new norm.


Self awareness Assessment with 1-1 interpretation and insight into your behaviour style and to understand how it impacts you and your relationship with your supervisor.


Mentoring by receiving guidance on how to strive and excellence under a Chinese supervisor and in a Chinese company.


Mock Interview with professional managers in ASUS and receive feedback and guidance on how to manage an interview.

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Enhance resume with Corporate Project Attachment !

In collaboration with ASUS China, we are targeting to recruit 25 students to participate in a specially curated virtual attachment program for Singaporean youth.

This is a one-month virtual attachment with ASUS Brand and Marketing team to provide students with actual working experience running projects with ASUS professional team from Brand and Marketing. Students will undergo 4 training conducted by ASUS trainers and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the attachment.

Get a peek into the China computer industry and an exposure to the Chinese Business culture now!

Corporate Project Attachment prepare students for the future of work, where working from home is becoming the norm.

Hear what our past interns have to say

Hear what our Batch 5 students have to say

The  Corporate Project Attachment is an eye-opening experience, and it provides a great opportunities where student can take away a lot of cultural knowledge while understanding working in the Chinese industry. The marketing workshop provided by the trainers brought in examples and other relevant cases to create a more comprehensive learning.

- Eileen, Batch 2 

Interested in our Corporate Project Attachment ?

Thank you for the overwhelming responses. The Batch 6 applications has been closed.

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