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We need individuals who are committed to our mission and vision to extend our impact. Join us on our journey!

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Available Positions

Together, we develop youths with Global & Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Other Opportunities

Explore volunteering or attachment programmes with us.

Why Join us ?


Pick up valuable skillsets such as adaptability, flexibility and leadership in our fast-pace environment.


Increase cultural awareness when working with members and partners in other SEA regions.


Be involved in initiatives and programmes that create impact on our global youth community.

Available Position
Country Rep

Current Openings

Country Representative (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos)

Suitable for majors in: Diploma/Degree in any discipline

Type of Employment: Full-time, Remote

  • Manage the operations in your home country with the support of our team from Singapore and China.

  • Lead the local team and develop our programmes in your home country.

  • Create new opportunities for the youths in your home country.

  • Manage and establish new partnership with the local youth communities and educational institutions within your home country.

  • Uphold, promote, and apply the core values and mission of OSG Youth Alliance in your home country.

Community Development Executive

Suitable for majors in: Diploma/Degree in any discipline

Type of Employment: Full-time, Remote

  • Assist and support in the execution of OSG Youth Alliance’s strategic plan to identify, grow and strengthen relationship with corporate and community partners within the ASEAN region.

  • Assist in stakeholder management by attending to queries from corporate and community partners.

  • Liaise and coordinate with internal and external parties to plan and organize networking and engagement events for community and corporate partners.

  • Maintain a database of partners and volunteers to track and monitor engagement.

Suitable for majors in: Marketing, Communication, Journalism, or related major

  • Conceptualize and develop engaging graphic designs and visuals for marketing collaterals and community engagement 

  • Visualize, design, and create concepts for new programmers and projects under OSG Youth Alliance

  • Build relationship with local and overseas community and continue to build a strong connection with communities

  • Data analytic and insights from marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing Executive

Type of Employment: Full-time, Remote

Suitable for majors in: Diploma/Degree in any discipline

Type of Employment: Full-time, Remote

  • Assist in developing and supporting events which include talks, competitions etc. 

  • Provide administration and logistic implementation for the tasked events to meet the event timeline.

  • Work with other divisions e.g. Marketing team on publicity collaterals and content development via social media.

  • Coordinate event logistics, including registration, attendee tracking, presentation and materials support, pre- and post-event evaluations.

  • Manage, collate and provide analytics on overall budgets, satisfaction and participant’s feedback.

Event Curator

Community Develp Exec
Social Media Exec
Event Curator
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