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YES Virtual Corporate Project

& Training Programme

Why YES Virtual Corporate Project & Training Programme?

Preparing young Singaporeans for internship or work opportunities with companies relating to the China market. 

YES-VCPT is an online attachment programme endorsed by OSG Youth Alliance and Business China with the aim of providing Singaporean  and Singapore Permanent Resident youths the opportunity to work on industry projects with Chinese counterparts, receive workshop training by professional managers on industry knowledge and practices, and learn about China and the Chinese working culture.

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Host Company : Grameen Bank China 

Grameen was the world's first institution to provide financial services exclusively for the underprivileged.

It has offered financial services in 41 countries around the world, benefiting 16.88 million low-income households. Grameen Bank has proven worldwide as a sustainable and effective poverty eradication model. In 2006, Grameen Bank was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with its Founder, Professor Muhammad Yunus "in recognition of their efforts to promote economic and social development from the bottom of society".

Programme Details:


Produce articles that are ready for marketing and promotional purposes as required by Grameen's promotion department. This may include interview and story writing on members to promote micro-fiance entrepreneurship.


Write video interview scripts and communicate with Grameen centre manager to coordinate plans for video shooting and editing.


Gather and sort out business problems encountered by entrepreneurial members and report them to the centre manager.

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Programme Highlights


Cross-culture &
Social Media Training

Prepare participants to adapt to local business and cultural environment.

Training &

Training on industrial
topics and case analysis.

Self Awareness
& Coaching

1-1 interpretation and coaching using TTI DISC+ Motivator to help participants improve self awareness and find strengths


Presents findings to professional business managers and get immediate feedback and insights.




* For Singaporean Students only.

How to Apply ?

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Step 1:

Register your interest by clicking the link below.

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Participant's Testimonial
I have learnt about the different dimensions of marketing in China. The market in China is evolving very fast and there are a lot of platforms that need to be utilized in order to achieve successful and sustainable branding in the Chinese market. The YES-VCPT has introduced the fundamentals and built the foundation for me to explore further.
Zhang Yi kai
Corporate Attachment Cohort 6
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