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Youth Leadership Development Fund


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The OSG Youth Leadership Development Fund (YLDF) is a global leader development scheme dedicated to OSG Youth Alliance Student Chapters and OSG Affiliated Organizations. YLDF was introduced to assist aspiring youth to actively organize and/or participate in quality cross-border programs or events that promote cultural understanding, entrepreneurship and professional improvements.


Who is eligible?

The YLDF is only eligible for approved events organized by either OSG Youth Alliance Student Chapters or OSG Affiliated Organizations.  The programs must fulfill the following characteristics:

Cross-border participation and interactions across at least 2 countries.

Themes related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Entrepreneurship or Career Development.

Participant size of more than 50.

How do I get this service?

Download the Application Form and return to


What supporting documents are required?

A general description of the program.

A cash-flow forecast statement covering all revenue and expenditure for the program.

Curriculum Vitae of all key organizing members.

How long will this service take?

The turnaround time for processing applications is Forty-five (45) working days.

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