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Run4Love was a 70-day charity event that was organized by OSG Youth Alliance (OSG) and co-organized by Bridge+. The event lasted from 1st June to 9th August, and invited participation from corporations as well as individuals.

Donations obtained during the event was fully granted to non-profit organization "Shanghai Baby Homes". Funds were used to pay for the medical bills of 60 underprivileged children residing at neighboring district of Shanghai.

Run4Love was a great success as event partners, sponsors and supporters participated and donated to support our cause generously.

We would love to express our outmost gratitude towards Columbia Clinic, Aileron Wellness, Zhuanjiang, 100AM Mall, AMARA Signature Shanghai, Engriends Charity, and Rotary Suzhou for partnering us for the event; Renew Material, Surbana Jurong, TMF Group, Piece Furniture, Shining High Strength, and Alpha Dental Clinic for sponsoring the event; as well as MadAboutDesign, Coppa Luminosa, Wonder Factory, Vanda Room, TTI Success Insights, Philitique, Free n Easy Travel, Happt Home, and Dragon Brand Bird's Nest for supporting the event.


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