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‘Awaken the Mentor Within’ Networking Session

Organized by OSG Youth Alliance and

Supported by Capitaland Bridge+

24 October 2020 was a fantastically exciting weekend at Bridge+ for OSG Youth Alliance – where 49 volunteers and supporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, US, Taiwan, and from very diverse professional backgrounds meet to share experiences and explore possibilities.

Themed ‘Awaken the Mentor Within’ and supported by Singapore Global Network (SGN), the networking session was a spirited sharing of OSG’s vision, programs and plans, and how together our senior professionals can pay it forward by empowering our global-minded and enterprising youths–tertiary students, interns and early professionals alike–to create an impact now and for the future.

Thank you all who have come forward and many who are considering likewise. Join us and make our collective dream to enrich our youths come true.

And a big 'thank you' to all the volunteers and YOU who came.


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