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Bonding Beyond Borders

Expanding Horizons, Rebuilding Trust

Why Bonding Beyond Borders ?

To rebuild trust between our participants by allowing them to understand and appreciate different cultures and inspiring positive, collaborative changes from youths in their communities.

Bonding Beyond Borders (BBB) is a 9-days cross border event focused on rebuilding trust between aged 18 to 30 year old youths located in Singapore and China. 


The objectives of Bonding Beyond Borders


interpersonal trust of youths globally and encourage sustainable and meaningful cross-border relationships;


cross border understanding and appreciation of both Singapore and China’s history and cultures;


stimulating open-minded discussions on current affairs to understand issues from fresh perspectives.

Road map to a better world


The Meet 

Participants will gather in their pre-assigned group to exchange stories under the guidance of trained facilitators by Narratives 4. These story exchanges aim to build empathy with their groupmates.


The Bond

Participants will work with their groupmates from the same city to produce a digital scrapbook within 3 days that introduces their city. The overall theme of their scrapbook can be anything – heritage, lifestyle, language and many more.


The Understanding

Participants can take this chance to hear from the working professionals and their insights about the current and future industrial trends. After which, participants can ask questions to other participants and the speakers and discuss. This forum is open to the public.


The Spark

For the last activity, participants will reflect on what they have learnt from the interactions and sharing in the past 9 days. They will then gather to share their insights with other participants and what BBB has inspired them to do in the near future.

#youth4trust Dialogue

Future of Education

How can education reforms ensure education is unbiased, equitable and inclusive?

The education system will always play a tremendous role in the cultivation of our youths. It is the food for our hearts and heads, which gives us an opportunity to learn, grow, and make mistakes in a safe environment. The knowledge and skills we take in are representatives of our past, our present, and our future. Hence, how do we ensure that the education system remains fair and just, all while staying relevant?

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

How can we fully understand AI and ensure they are impartial?

Who would be liable if an AI-powered car crashes into a pedestrian? Would it be the car manufacturer, the AI engineers, or the pedestrian? Artificial intelligence (AI) is frequently speculated to overtake the human race due to its capabilities that a human's biological evolution cannot compete with. Combining with other technological advancements, AI might coincide with our lives on a daily basis in future. How do we then approach AI technology to ensure its fairness and ethicality?

Image by John Schnobrich

Expand Horizons and Rebuild Trust

  • Network with like-minded peers and guest professionals.

  • Learn through dialogues sessions with invited speakers.

  • Explore a new city with your team.

Be aspired to explore beyond what the world has to offer

Read what our past participants have to say

The BBB programme was essential to my personal growth as it taught me to be more appreciative of Chinese culture. Through the discussions with my China counterparts, I gained many valuable insights. Our topic on sustainability provoked deep thoughts that are not usually discussed in daily conversations. After sharing my opinions and hearing their feedback, it made me realise that these were a group of highly intellectual young adults and gave me great hope for the future.

- Tay Yu Xiang

BBB 2022 Speakers

Topic : Transformation & Reconfiguration of Regional Value Chains

Koh Chaik Ming

Chief Executive Officer, OIG Asia Pacific



Mr Koh Chaik Ming is the Chief Executive Officer of OIG Asia Pacific, a Shenzhen-based company and is the largest platform company facilitating frozen produce import into China. Mr Koh is responsible for the Asia Pacific region and spearheading the Group’s new industrial real estate initiatives in China.

Xu Zhong Hua


Chief Operating Officer,

Worldwide Logistics Group


Mr Xu Zhong Hua is Chief Operating Officer of Worldwide Logistics Group where he manages the overall business development of the Group's overseas Offices in addition to overseeing trade management of the Asia, Africa, and Oceania regions.

WeChat Image_20220620123344.jpg

Ervin Lim


Vice President,

ReefKNot Investments

WeChat Image_20220620123347.jpg

Mr Ervin Lim is Vice President at ReefKNoT, an early stage US$50m venture fund focued on investing into the supply chain and logistics space globally. Prior to Reefknot, Mr Lim was VP at Lazada running logistics operations projects and as well as group strategy, M&A and government affairs.

Topic : Advent of Web 3.0 and its Impact on Financial Technology (FinTech)

Leslie Tay

Vice President Commercial Banking, Green Link Digital Bank



Mr Leslie Tay is the Vice President for the Commercial Banking division of Green Link Digital Bank (GLDB). GLDB is the first digital bank to be launched in Singapore, having won the approval for a digital wholesale banking license to be issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 2020.

Nikhil Ratnam

Executive Director

FinTech Academy

WeChat Image_20220620123337.jpg

Mr Nikhil Ratnam has an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and has over 20 years of Global Banking experience working in Wall Street and then in Singapore with global banks advising global corporates. He specializes in structuring working capital solutions, developing financial products for payables, receivables and global liquidity management services.

Kevin pang


Legatus Global


WeChat Image_20220620123340.jpg

Mr Kevin Pang has 23 years rich experience as a veteran in the Global IT and Telecommunications industry with the likes of IBM, HP, CSC, BT, Orange, TaTa, Telstra and other global brand names. Kevin has extensive experience in the areas of IT and Telco Technologies, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Fintech, covering various verticals.

Jean Foo

Associate Director

FinTech Academy


WeChat Image_20220620123332.jpg

Ms Jean Foo is Associate Director of Fintech Academy. As part of the Healthcare FinTech Alliance (HFA) Innovation Challenge co-organized by Pfizer, Alibaba Cloud and FinTech Academy, Jean served in moderating HFA’s signature webinars “Entrepreneurship and Investing in Healthcare” and “Investing in Vietnam”.

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Our Application for BBB - Makerthon Edition 2022 has closed

Please stay tuned to our upcoming BBB - Makerthon

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