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Bonding Beyond Borders



07 AUG


  • Please note that registration for the Makerthon starts on 7 August 2022 and closes on 31 August 2022.

15 OCT


    Cross-border Teams:

  • Participants will have the chance to form teams across borders in Singapore and China.

    Challenge Announcement:

  • The theme for Makerthon 2022 and the challenge questions will be announced on this day of launch.


  • There will be specially curated workshops for participants to get hands-on experience and immerse themselves in maker culture.

  • The workshops will encompass training for the participants on topics of design thinking and prototyping.

15 OCT


  • Participants will form a prototype idea that solves the challenge and pitch their ideas to the judges.

  • Each team will provide a video, marketing materials and a presentation deck for final judging.

22 OCT


    Panel Discussion:

  • Hear industry experts and professionals on their experiences and knowledge of hardware development and maker culture.

    Mentor Consultation:

  • There will be allocated time for teams to seek consultations with assigned mentors to gain feedback and guidance on their prototype ideas.


  • Participants will have the opportunity to network with panel speakers and mentors.

29 OCT


    Demo Day:

  • Teams will present their ideas and judges will give meaningful feedback on their work.

    Cross-border Interaction:

  • Participants will have the chance to build their network with other teams between Singapore and China.

BY 31 AUGUST 2022

OSG Youth Alliance

Makerthon 2022

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Makerthon 2022

Jointly organised in Singapore & China

The 2-weeks-long Makerthon is a creative, cross-border competition which accelerates innovative ideas into physical and digital prototypes that promote positive social impact.


Youths form academically diverse teams of 4-6 members who compete in ideas prototyping and product development. They have special access to workshops and expert mentors to design, reiterate, and enhance their products, business models and pitches.


In addition, students will also build a network of peers and community members who are skilled in innovating, making, and entrepreneurship, which will extend beyond the competition.


The Makerthon culminates in a final pitch event where professional judges are invited to determine winning teams.

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About Us

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Bonding Beyond Borders by OSG Youth Alliance is an initiative to build international relationships between our participants by allowing them to understand and appreciate different cultures and inspiring positive, collaborative changes from youths in their communities.

Interested in Makerthon 2022?

Contact us at makerthon@osg.sg for more information.

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